Project FOX also offers services in Public Relations.
Previously, we have worked on lots of press conferences,
talk shows, corporate functions, performances,
new album releases and various promotion events.
These functions are planned outside of the existing
programme of events. The venue capacity is around
70 people depending on type of function.


Are you finding the venue of FOX Gallery pleasant and suitable for your clients? Does it fit your intentions?

The capacity of the entire venue including the lower ground floor is up to 100 people.
Lower ground floor : 60 people – theatre setup, 40 people around a table

Variable room set up for various purposes - meetings, workshops or even theater performances

Hire prices per day (subject to confirmation):
5,000 - 16,000 Kč (depending on the type of event and number of visitors) - lower ground floor only
Up to 32,000 Kč for the entire gallery venue

Prices include the use of a video projector.
Catering and full press service is not included.

strong>Mentioned prices are negotiable and will reflect use of other services.

In case of interest we also offer the full service of organizing press conferences, social events, celebrations etc.

Tel.: 222 514 713
E- mail:


Would you like to reward your best employees for their good work and loyalty?

The Custom-tailored art workshops as a benefit for successful employees is the right choice. Our gallery offers an original way to reward your employees:

A creative afternoon spent with profesional artists right in premises of FOX.

Enable your employees to experience a unique opportunity in the form of their own work under the guidance of the profesional designers. Part of the custom-tailored art workshops is the introduction of the project FOX, the exposure of selected Czech companies and a guided tour of the current exhibition.

The creation takes place in the stylish environment of the gallery.The participants produce their own piece of jewellery, painting or a sculpture under the guidance of the profesional artists.

The price is individual, based on the type and complexity of a program, number of participants and selected accompanying activities.

If you are interested in such activities, do not hesitate to write us at