Gallery FOX presents displays of Czech brands that connect the art of design with real life.
The second part of gallery FOX is devoted to firms that successfully represent themselves and the Czech Republic abroad.

They should bring inspiration to all of us. Brands with long traditions, quality, design and exemplary firm culture.

A piece of art is not necessarily only a supplement to your living space or an exhibit in a gallery. It should be a part of your daily life, elaborate design, high quality products with the touch of the "golden Czech hands".



Papelote is a new Czech stationary company where paper is not a mere base for writing. It is a material full of taste, smell, sounds and colours. Papelote offers a wide range of unique notepads, wrapping paper, pencil boxes, book covers, felt and other products made from environmentally friendly materials.
Papelot's home is in Prague; in the heart of Europe. Its first shop is right here with an adjacent workshop where visitors can see the full product range. Items on sale range from general high volume products to individual bespoke collections.


LUGI is the Czech furniture manufacturer focusing on the production of custom interior solutions and on their own curated collection of coordinated furniture and interior accessories. LUGI collaborates internationally with a number of architects and designers to create products and interiors that create lasting value because of their quality and timeless pure aesthetics.